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Global Classrooms is an innovative educational program that engages middle school and high school students in an exploration of current world issues through interactive simulations and curricular materials. Global Classrooms cultivates literacy, life skills and the attitudes necessary for active citizenship.

At the core of Global Classrooms is Model United Nations, wherein students step into shoes of UN Ambassadors and debate a range of issues on the UN agenda. For over 60 years, Model UN has thrived in highly selective high schools and colleges – institutions with the resources to match a strong student interest in world affairs. Prior to 2000, when Global Classrooms was created, students in economically disadvantaged public schools rarely had the opportunity to participate.

Over the past decade, Global Classrooms has worked in 24 major cities around the world, helping bridge the gap in the Model UN community between experienced programs and traditionally underserved public schools or schools new to Model UN. Global Classrooms is distinguished by its teacher and student resources that develop critical thinking, conflict resolution and communication skills for middle and high school students.

Global Classrooms has become a premiere international education program offering students valuable insight into the growing influence of globalization.

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