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Solved test of Unit 3

Hello everyone!!

I just want to apologize because, although I told you I would upload the solved test yesterday, in the end I forgot it. Today I was just to do it when I realized I didn't have it neither in the computer not in the USB, and I have no way to scan it just now. As a matter of fact I won't be able to do it until this afternoon, when I arrive home. Anyway, I have already uploaded the non solved test for you to revise it. I'll try not to forget to do the same for the solved one during the afternoon.

See you.


Last Exhibition!! Summer and Holidays!!

Hello, everyone!!!

The classes are near their end so I'm preparing this year's last exhibition; you know, if you need extra points this will be the last oportunity for you to obtain them.

During the year we have commemorated a great deal of events and the last one is comming; the summer and the holidays.

As always, what you will have to do is to find a song mentioning something related to holidays or summer and to present its lyrics the best way you can. 

See you!!


New exhibition. World Environment Day.

Hello, everyone!!

As you know the deadline to bring your works related to the No Tobacco Day is near so, I'm already asking for the following exhibition works. In this case we will focus on the Earth and Nature since the 5th of June the world commemorate the Environment Day. Therefore, if you find a song speaking against pollution or for Nature and Environment, please present it as beautifully and originally as you can and collaborate with this last exhibition we will hold at the outside wall.

By the way, remember that we need to have your works before the event to prepare the exhibition properly so, please, bring your posters before the 2nd of June.

See you!!




Unit 3. Test and exam

Hello, everyone!!

We are near to finish with the theoretical contents of Unit 3 (or... well, at least all those we will include in our exam) so we are now fixing the dates for our test and exam of this unit. Take a look to the calendar to check the dates.

As always, you can use all your written resources (handouts, working in class copies and so on) to the the test and, when both groups -2ºA and 2ºB- complete this test it will be uploaded to this site for you to prepare the exam. 

On the other hand, you should remember that there were contents from the previous unit (all related to bars and time signature) which will be a part of the exam, so, don't forget your Unit 2 copies the day of the test....

See you!!

World No Tobacco Day

Hello, everyone!!

As you know, the year is finishing and the chances to obtain extra points for your contribution to our exhibitions in the outside wall are now scarce; that's why you should take advance of these last opportunities to increase your mark...

The next important even we will pay attention to is the World No Tobacco Day, and what I want you to do, as always, is to find a song speaking about it and to present it the best way you can.

However, I understand that finding a song against the smoking is not easy, so it will do if you find a song mentioning something related to smoking or to tobacco and you accompany it with words and images against it (for example indicating that in spite of the fact that some songs encourage us to smoke, we shouldn't do it).

The World No Tobacco Day is on May, the 31st, but you will have to bring your works before the 23rd of May, because the next exhibition will be really close to this one and we need time to mount and dismount them...

See you!!

New Exhibition!! Europe Day

Hello, everyone!!

As you know, the last exhibitions were not really massive; I keep three of them to fill in the wall... otherwise it would be so poor...

Anyway, I hope you will work a little bit harder for the forthcoming ones; you know, I need you colaboration and you need extra points. Why not? Prepare posters for them; the school will look better and you will obtain a higher mark.

Regarding the exhibitions, I will tell you that the next important event we have is the Europe Day, on the 9th of May, a day to commemorate the Union. And about what I need you to do, you are so used to it I think you need no extra explanations. Anyway, the task consists on finding a song mentioning Europe (you can also bring a song of a group called Europe -if you indicate it-) and present it as beautifully and originally as you can.

Keep in mind that we should have the exhibition completely mounted before the 9th of May, so, please, bring your works before the 5th of May.

See you!!

International Noise Awareness Day

Hello, everyone!!

As we'll have time enough to make our brain fly higher soon, I will propose the next exhibition, which will be held the week you come back from your holidays. As a matter of fact, there is a very important event for us in short: the International Noise Awareness Day. Year after year, the Spanish Accoustic Society reminds us of the importance of silence in our lives, as well as the ill efects of noise polution in all living things, the last Wednesday of April -the 26th this year-.
In this case, we will colaborate with this entity with an exhibition and it would be great if you took part in it. This time you will have two different ways to do so:
  • You can, as always, find a song containing the words noise or silence and present its lyrics in a creative and beautiful way.
  • If you prefer so, you can also prepare a poster explaining what noise pollution is, showing the different sources of noise in our society, listing the ways noise disturbs our living, proposing ways to make a more quiet school or just asking for a quiet society.

If you are really interested in the subject you don't need to choose between the options; you can develope both... but, please as we should have the exhibition mounted before the 26th of April you'll have to bring your work during the week before the event -you know, the one just after easter-

Come on!! I am looking forward to receiving your works; they are always impressive...

See you!!

Unit 3 copies

Hello, everyone!!

As you now, we are close to finish with unit 2 and will begin with unit 3 soon. This is the last unit we will develope during the year and there are not too many pages to print in it.... but you need to have them anyway. 

You will find them here, as well as in the school reception. Please, don't forget to print it because you will need it to follow the classes.

By the way, don't remove Unit 2 from your class folder; you will need it to do the next exam -remember that there were contents we didn't deal with in the last exam.

See you!!

Spring exhibition

Hello, everyone!!

Thanks a lot for your contribution to the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It was not as massive as previous ones but it is also true that there were hard moments for all of you (the end of the term is always hard).

Anyway, it is time we begin with another exhibition and, this time we will focus on a more agreeable idea; the spring, which has just begun.

You know, what you have to do is to find a music piece speaking about the spring or something similar and to copy its lyrics (or a part of them) in the most original, creative and beautiful way you can. Remember that the better the presentation, the higher the mark you obtain.

And about the deadline, I know that we have some three months of spring, but there are other themes we should pay attention too, so we will have to fix a date for you to bring your works and it will be the week previous to Easter... Then I will ask you to prepare new works...

See you!!

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Hello, everyone!!

As you know, we have finished the International Working Women's day exhibition and it is time we begin with the following one.

In this occasion we also have and important event soon, the Internationa Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, on March, the 21st.

Once more, what I want you to do is to prepare a poster with the lyrics of a song related to any kind of discrimination related to race the most beautifully you can. And, please, bring your works before the 17th of March.

See you!!

International working women's day

Hello, everyone!!

As you know, we have another important event to pay attention to very soon. Yes, I am speaking about March, the 8th, the International Working Women's Day. It would be great if we prepared an impressive exhibition to express how commited we are with this cause.

Would you like to contribute to the project? If so, please, look for a song related to this issue and present it as beautifully as you can. Working women, professional women, professions themselves, women making an effort and so on are some of the possibilities you could focus on.

Present your work before 3rd of March and help us commemorate this event.

See you.

Test and exam of Unit 2

Hello, everyone!!

We have already fixed a date for the exams on Unit 2. Take a look of the calendar to make sure you noted them down properly.

As we always do, we fixed a date for a test with notes and within a week or so, another for an exam. Remember that it is very important that you bring your notes the day we do the test; otherwise maybe you won't do your best...

When all of you have done the test it will be published where all Unit 2 contents are published. Use these materials for a better training for the exam.

Good luck!!


Hello, everyone!!

As you will have probably guessed, next event is carnival.

However, it is not so easy to find songs speaking about it, so we can also accept related ideas as disguises, dressing up, faking or pretending. 

You are so used to this that you surely don't need more explanations... but for the fact that the deadline will be the Thursday 21st of February...

See you!!


St Valentine's exhibition

Hello, everyone!!

It is time we prepare the following exhibition and now we will focus on a day which is really important for young people. You know, next ephemeride is the Lovers' Day, on February, the 14th -St. Valentine's day-.

As always, I will ask you to find a song speaking about love and to present it as beautifully and originally as you can. This time, as it is a very common subject in pop music, I will ask you not to bring Spanish lyrics, but English ones. 

And, please, bring your works before the Thursday, 9th of February.

Come on!! Do it!! We can mount an impressive exhibition with your help!!

School Day of Non-violence and Peace

Hello, everyone!!

On January, the 30th -anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi- the School Day of Non-violence and Peace is observed every year in schools. Its basic and permanent message is "Universal love, non-violence and peace.Universal love is better than egoism, non-violence is better than violence and peace is better than war".

What do I want you to do about it? Well, you probably guessed it. I want you to look for a song speaking about non-violence (specially amongst students) and to copy the most important part of its lyrics in the most beautiful and original way you can. You know; the better you do it, the higher the mark you obtain. In fact, you know there is a very important message to transmit in this ephemeris: all we are equals and deserve respect, tolerance and peace. The more catching our exhibition is, the deeper our message reach.

The new year exhibition will be removed soon, so please, if you want to present your works do it before the 23rd of January; it would be great if we had the whole thing prepared during the week before the event.

Come on do it, we need your contribution and doing a good job will be fun.

See you!!

New year exhibition

Hello, everyone!!

There are only two days left to our Christmas Holidays, so there is no point in bringing new posters for our Christmas exhibition. Anyway, if you want to participate in the next exhibition you can prepare your poster during the holidays. In this case, what I wnat you to look for is a song speaking abou new year or about the beginning of something.

As always all your works wil be showed in the outside wall so, the more beautiful and orginal they are, the better.

Anyway, as we come back class on the 9th of January there is no point in bringing works during several weeks so you will have time to present your works until the 16th of January, Monday.

Don't forget that you need extra points to improve your mark so, come on work in it; it will be fun.

See you!!

Chistmas carols exhibition

Hello, everyone.

First of all I wanted to thank you for your contribution to our Santa Cecilia exhibition; it was great

Now, we can prepare the following one that, as you will have already guessed, is related to Christmas. 

I don't think you need extra explanations about it since you have already presented a lot of posters, but, just in case you didn't work before now, I will tell you again.

I want you to look for a Christmas Carol and copy its lyrics in the most original and cute way you can imagine -remember that I want to prepare an exhibition with all of them-. 

Your work will account for the second term now, but, as I need time to place them in the wall, please, bring them before the 15th of December.

See you!! 

Unit 1. Solved test

Hello, everyone!!

As all you have already done the Unit 1 test you can download it clean or solved if you want from Contents-Unit 1. Remember that next week exam will be based in the test, so it will be a good reference for you to prepare it better.

Good luck!!

Unit 2. Printable resources

Hello, everyone!!

As you know, we have already finished Unit 1 and we will begin with Unit 2 next week. I told you that you could find the working in class document in this site (contents-Unit 2). Anyway, if you don't want to print them by yourselves, you can also ask for them in the reception. But pay attention; I didn't remove the Unit 1 copies yet (just in case someone needs to print it for the test with notes), so don't forget to ask for Unit 2, not Unit 1, when collecting them.

See you!! 

Noise pollution

Hello everyone!!

As you know the last part of Unit 1 was related to silence and noise and now I would like you to pay special attention to a problem we are undergoing in our city environment; noise pollution. We have defined it in class, but maybe you can find extra information which can be interesting for us. Would you like to investigate a little bit deeper?

In this case I'm not asking you to prepare a poster as we did in other ocassions, but to present a written work or a presentation dealing with some of the ideas related to the problem; you can just look for information about it, or present and comment an article or piece of news related to it, or develop ideas and plans which would enable a more quiet world... or if there is anything else you think you can propose, tell me it; it will probably do.

As this is not an efemeride, but a part of our daily work, you have plenty of time to do it (remember that it is not compulsory) since you present it on time for me to check it before the term ends so, the 5th of December (Monday) is a good deadline for this task.

See you!!

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Every important date (test, exams and so on) will be properly announced at class, but maybe you take it wrongly or you forget it so, please, make sure you know when your exams are.

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