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History of Alarnes High School

Idioma actual: Inglés - Otros idiomas: Italiano Español Francés Alemán


In 1576,following the orders of King Philip II, the native people from Getafe Juan Seseña and Juan Benavente told Joan de Madrid, a public scribe, that some 250 years ago Xetafe was founded in the settlement where the main square of another foundation of the same village was founded, said to be called Alarnes, and since this settlement was on Madrid’s main road to Toledo, and the place so-called Alarnes was wet and unwell, some neighbours came to build houses for sale in the main road, where, seeing that the place was far better than the so-called Alarnes, the village became populated little by little, always inhabited by the river of the bank all along. And this is why Xetafe, being the beginning of a long growing village, means, according to Moorish, “a long thing” in our language.