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 LIVING THINGS REPRODUCE                                                                                   

We want:

To understand animal’s sexual reproduction, the types of embryonic development and spermatophyte’s sexual reproduction.

To discuss about the importance of seeds and the threats suffered by plants.


HUMAN  REPRODUCTION                                                                               

We want:

To identify and know the organs of the male and female reproductive systems and the reproductive process.

To know the prenatal diagnostic tests to preserve mothers’ and babies’ health.


GROWING UP HEALTHY                                                                                             

We want:

To know the human life stages, the most common illnesses, their causes and strategies to prevent them.

To recognize organ transplants as a medical procedure used to treat some serious illnesses.



We want:

To identify the elements and types of ecosystems and apply this information in the interpretation of ecosystems nearby.

To know the trophic relationships existing among the living things in an ecosystem.


HUMAN BEINGS AND ECOSYSTEMS                                                                     

We want:

To provide an idea of what are natural resources and their use by human societies throughout history.

To know the causes how we alter the ecosystems and the effects of these changes.


CHANGES IN MATTER                                                                                                 

We want:

To know the general and specific properties of material objects and use units, instruments and to measure them.

To understand the concepts of pure substance, mixture or solution.


LIGHT, MAGNETISM AND ELECTRICITY                                                               

We want:

To know the main luminous phenomena and the behaviour of objects in light.

To understand and describe magnetic phenomena and acquire basic ideas about static electricity and electrical currents.



We want:

To know rocks based on their characteristics.

To improve students’ skills to understand and describe the aspects related to the dynamic nature of rocks.


HYDROSPHERE AND ATMOSPHERE                                                                     

We want:

To identify the types of water, their movements and importance for living things.

To improve students’ knowledge about the atmosphere.


PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY OF THE EARTH                                                             

We want:

To know the general features of the Earth’s relief, climate and hydrography.

To identify and locate on the map the main accidents of relief in Africa, Asia, America, Oceania and the Antarctic.


PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY OF EUROPE                                                                    

We want:

To know the general features of the relief, climate and hydrography of Europe.

To Identify and locate on physical maps the main features of Europe’s relief.


EUROPEAN SOCIETY                                                                                                  

We want:

To know the main parameters of human geography in the countries of Europe and the European Union.

To know the main government institutions of the EU.


WORK AND THE ECONOMY                                                                                      

We want:

To know the participation of the three economic production sectors of Europe, Spain and the Autonomous Community.


MODERN AGE                                                                                                                 

We want:

To know the main events that occurred during the Modern Age in Europe and in Spain.

To understand the influence that the events of the past have on the present.


CONTEMPORARY AGE                                                                                                

We want:

To know the main events of the Contemporary Age and connect these events with the present.

To know some of the great inventions of the last two centuries.


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