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II Short Fiction Contest IES Luis de Góngora

And the winners are:

Víctor Carrilero Fregenal (I1A)

Sara Vergara Caballero (I4C)

Flor Alejandra Bolaños Delgadillo (B1E)

We would also like to congratulate and award 2nd prize to:

Daniela Llorente García (I2B)

Aitana López Montealegre (I3B) 

Comunidad de Madrid Short Film Contest


Enjoy the impressive short film that a group of  very talented  3rd and 4th ESO students have made for the "VI Concurso de Cortometrajes en Lengua Extranjera" de la Comunidad de Madrid.



Sección & Programa Bilingües

Sección Bilingüe, Yes!!

World Book Day

Happy St Patrick's Day

For  Ireland's big day, our "sección" students have read and enjoyed several Irish legends and  traditional stories along their Advanced English lessons;    and with the help of our language assistants, they have almost become experts on traditional Irish dances and Irish castles!!

International Women's Day at IES Luis de Góngora

International Women's Day at IES Luis de Góngora

Take a look at our suffragettes!

Irish Women

Our English bilingual students  have also commemorated International Women's Day. 

They have focused on Irish scientist women...

... and Irish sportswomen

More Women

"The Cell" by 1º ESO

School Day of Non-Violence and Peace (30th January)

Our  Peace Bench symbolises peace and non-violence. It encourages individuals to come together, sit down and talk it out instead of being physically violent. In the great words of Nelson Mandela : "The best weapon is to sit down and talk".

Happy New Year 2022!

Back to school after the Christmas holidays, our students at IES Luis de Góngora  commemorated Martin Luther King Jr Day . They have a dream, too.

Prueba libre de certificación de nivel C1 en idioma inglés

La Comunidad de Madrid va a realizar pruebas libres de C1 en inglés en febrero de 2022.
El plazo de inscripción finaliza el 21 de diciembre.

You will find more information if you click on the link below



Pre-Colombian Treasure Projects


After having learnt about the Pre-Colombian cultures in history,   3 ESO students were tasked with creating their own artefacts belonging to this period. This artefact, piece of treasure, or artwork could be inspired by the Mayan, Inca or Aztec cultures. On top of the object itself, the students created backstories for their creation, including their significance and origin, from ancient buried treasure to lost tribal masks.   Not only have they been able  to consolidate their learning in a group project, but they have done it in a creative and imaginative way.

Have a look at  the  vast array of creative works our students have displayed!!

Pre-Colombian Treasure Projects

Happy Halloween!!

First of all, we would like to thank  all the contestants for your amazing work. It has been extremely difficult to pick a winner of the Luis de Góngora 21-22 Halloween Door  Decoration Contest.  Take a look if you do not believe us...

Winner of Halloween Door Decoration Contest

 Based on its  aesthetic value, effort and relevance to the topic, we must announce that the winner of the Luis de Góngora 2021-2022 Halloween Door Decoration  Contest is: 


Congratulations to the winning class! 

World of Plants (1º ESO)

Our bilingual students of 1º ESO have been studying The World of Plants along the 3rd term. Here's a sample of some of their beautiful projects.

World Book Day

We are celebrating World Book Day in two days and to mark the occasion, the school has organized a flash fiction and short fiction competition. Prizes will be awarded in three different categories.  For more information, ask your  English teacher.

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