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Happy Halloween!!

First of all, we would like to thank  all the contestants for your amazing work. It has been extremely difficult to pick a winner of the Luis de Góngora 21-22 Halloween Door  Decoration Contest.  Take a look if you do not believe us...

Winner of Halloween Door Decoration Contest

 Based on its  aesthetic value, effort and relevance to the topic, we must announce that the winner of the Luis de Góngora 2021-2022 Halloween Door Decoration  Contest is: 


Congratulations to the winning class! 

World of Plants (1º ESO)

Our bilingual students of 1º ESO have been studying The World of Plants along the 3rd term. Here's a sample of some of their beautiful projects.

World Book Day

We are celebrating World Book Day in two days and to mark the occasion, the school has organized a flash fiction and short fiction competition. Prizes will be awarded in three different categories.  For more information, ask your  English teacher.

Sección bilingüe, YES!!

General Information

International Women's Day at IES Luis de Góngora

Last week our bilingual students,helped by our assistants, joined  Women's Day, a global day  to celebrate the  achievements of  both famous and anonymous women.

International Women's Day II

Have a look at these relevant sportswomen:

February, Online Safety Month

This month, we are promoting safer and more responsible use of the Internet and mobile phones. Here are some tips we could all use when going online and using social media:

School Day of Non-Violence and Peace

At Luis de Góngora we are for Peace and non-violence. Our bilingual students   have written beautiful acrostic poems to show:

IES Luis de Góngora Stand Up for Human Rights

In our school, we strive to instill in our students the values of respect, fairness, and kindness towards others. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the epitome of these values and ideas, which is why we firmly believe in actively promoting it. In order to acquaint our students with Human Rights, we have carried out a series of activities in class with the language assistants' help. As part of the school's project, our bilingual  classes have designed the  banners  to depict the thirty Human Rights. This is the final result:

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Take a look at our bulletin board and see what  some of our bilingual students are thankful for:


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