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Natural Science Review

Simple machines

Homework week 8 of june: 

1- Copy this information on your notebook: 

A lever makes it easier to move an object. It’s a rigid bar with a pivot point. This is the point where
the lever turns. The object we need to move exerts a force. This is called the load. The person using
the lever applies a force which is called the effort.

The wheel and axle was invented a long time ago. It makes moving about a lot easier. A pulley uses
a wheel and axle, and a rope. The axle passes through the centre of the wheel. There's a groove in
the outside of the wheel and a rope runs round it.

An inclined plane is a ramp used to liſt and to lower objects. It's the simplest of all the simple
machines because it only has one part and nothing moves to make it work.

2- Watch these videos to help you understand how levers, pulleys and inclined planes work. 

3- On friday12 of june at 11:00 we will play all at the same time to a Quizizz. 

Click HERE to play.

Unit 6: Machines

Simple and complex machines

We use simple machines every day to make work easier. They do this by reducing the effort  needed to do work. 

Here are some example of simple machines:

1- Watch this video to learn about simple machines. 

2- Play this game to check your understanding. 

3 - Play this game to know more. 

4- Friday 5th of june at 11:00h, we will play a Quizizz. 

Forces review

Before you complete this Quizizz, read again the unit and check vocabulary. 

Click on the photo or go to: and introduce this code (697784). 


How magnets work?

Blogs Blogs


Here is the Canva I created to explain the unit. 


Have a look and remember, if you have any doubt, please, text me. 



Check your learning playing a crossword.

Don't worry, it won't be as difficult as this one. 

Click on the picture to play. 

Push and pull

Do you know what is the difference between push and pull?

what this video and answer the questions. 

Good luck!

Vocabulary game

Check your vocabulary for unit 5 "forces" with this game. 

Click on the logo. 

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Do you dare playing this game?

I tell you! It is not easy!

Os atravéis a jugar a ¿Quién quiere ser millonario?

Os dejo el enlace para entrar y jugar, tendréis tres comodines que os ayudará a ganar MILLONES!

Good luck!




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Giant Panda Cam

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Zero gravity

What is zero gravity?

First, we need to know what is gravity.

Gravity is a non contact force that pulls us to the earth.

But, what happens when we leave the Earth?

In space, there is no gravity, which means that you can float!

Check how this astronaut has to eat his pudding in zero gravity.