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Hello kids!

Do you want to be meteorilogists? Then, you need the instruments to measure the weather elements. Here you are instructions on how to make them. Let´s go for it!




Did you already make your instruments to measure the wind direction and the speed of the wind? You can publish a photo here flecha hacia abajo. Click on the plus button and upload your photo. You can write your name and class if you want to. I´m longing to see your scientific instruments!!!

Hecho con Padlet

UNIT 5: History (part V)

This part of our project is the last period of History: THE MODERN AGE

This is the result of organising the information we have seen today in class. You can add more information if you think it´s important.

And don´t forget to study!

UNIT 5: History (part IV)

Hello everybody!

We are getting closer to the end of the unit. Now it´s time to copy THE EARLY MODERN AGE. Bring it for the next Social Sciences lesson.

We will also test ourselves with an oral exam.

Early Modern Age

UNIT 5: History (part III)

Hello kids!!

Here is part III of our History project: MIDDLE AGES. After reading the information from pages 86 and 87, this is the result. Copy and bring it for our next Social Sciences lesson.

Middle Ages Project pages 86 and 87

UNIT 5: History (part II)

Hello everybody!!

This is the second part of our History project. We did not get to this period yet, but If you want, you can take advantage of these days to advance the second part of the project on History: ANCIENT HISTORY. This is what it looks like:

Ancient History

UNIT 5: History (part I)

Hello everybody!

For this unit, we are going to prepare a project: History Timeline to study

You will need:

- 6 white A4 papers

- 6 pieces of A4 cards

- coloured pencils, crayons, feltips

- Template (optional), you can write it as I did.

Here is the first part of the project: PREHISTORY. Copy on a white paper and stick on a card.

This is what it looks like:

Counting the time

Week 28th of March- 1st of April

23rd of March, 2022

Read again the information on pages 66 and 67 and complete de information on this photocopy I gave you in class.

Click here to get the photocopy.

When you finish, click here to check your answers.

Homework: Page 67: activity 3 in your notebook.

I will publish the answers soon...

16th March, 2022

2nd of March, 2022

Read the information on page 53 and  fill in the blanks. You can copy on your notebook or print the worksheet.

Page 53: Finland and Portugal

When you finish, check your answers HERE

Homework: Page 53, activity 3 on your notebook (I will publish the answers next Monday, once we have corrected the activity in class)

7th february 2022


Today we read the information on page 49 and filled in the diagram (click on the image)

page 49 diagram blanks

To find the information about "Other important rivers in Europe" you need to look at the relieve map on pages 44 and 45.

When you finish completing the information, click HERE to check your answers.

Homework: page 49 activity 3

2nd of February 2022

Hello kids!

Today we filled in this worksheet using the information on page 48 of your Social Sciences book.

Click HERE to download the worksheet

This is the answer key to check your answers. Click HERE

Friday, 12th November 2021

Hello everybody!!

How are you doing in Social Sciences? I hope you are reviewing for your test!

Como no podemos hacer hoy viernes el control de la unidad 1, os dejo la portada de la unidad 2 para que la copiéis en vuestros cuadernos y poder avanzar. Recordad: en una nueva página, letra bonita, presentación clara y dibujos/fotos que apoyen el contenido de la unidad. 


EXAM UNIT 1- My world


El CONTROL de la unidad 1 My World quedará POSTPUESTO para el primer día que toque Social Sciences una vez que os incorporéis, si todo va bien.

Mientras tanto, repasad vocabulario y los contenidos del tema. Podéis ayudaros con las actividades interactivas en Blinklearning (Plus Zone: Let´s play y Memory game. ¡Ojo!  atenciónSi te pregunta al finalizar si estás seguro de enviar las respuestas y le dices que sí, tus respuestas quedarán grabadas y ya no podrás cambiarlas. 

Ir a Blinklearning

Wednesday, 10th November 2021

Good morning everyone!!

To study and review for your test , in your notebook do activities 1, 2, 4 and 5 from pages 18 and 19.

When you finish, check your anwers HERE.

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