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Hello kids!

This is the information you have to finish copying to help your studying. In the next class, we will do a little oral test (Mixtures and Waste). Don´t forget to study!!!

Waste, pages 88 and 89


25th of March, 2022

1) Check your homework: page 61-activity 5, page 71-activity 3

2) Read the book, page 65 : look for vocabulary you don´t understand in your vocabulary list.

Then, copy the different foods than contain the nutrient under the corresponding group. You can also draw of stick pictures next to the fook item. Click on the image to get the worksheet.

When you finish, check your answers HERE.

1st and 4th of March, 2022



Read the information on page 50 and  fill in the blanks. You can copy on your notebook or print the worksheet.

page 50 respiratory system

When you finish, check your answers HERE

You can watch the video again about the respiratory system in Spanish.

8th February 2022


Hello kids!

Today we reviewed The Nervous System in class. Then, we read page 44 and filled in this worksheet:

page 44 blanks

When you finish completing the information, check your answers HERE.

Homework: page 45, activities 3 and 4 in your notebook.

1st February 2022


Hello kids! This is what we did today.

You have to fill in the blanks using the information on page 43 of your Natural Sciences Book.

Copy it in your notebook and use it to study.

Nervous system blanks


Ficha resumen: partes, necesidades y funciones

Thursday, 11th November 2021

Hello eveybody!

We have already finished the unit! Now, you can test yourself:

  •  In your notebook, do activities 1, 2, 4 and 5 from pages 18 and 19

You don´t need to write everything. Just copy the instructions of the activity and answer.

paginas 18 y 19 Naturales 3ºimage: New Think Do Learn Natural Science 3º, OUP

When you finish, CHECK your answers HERE.

Tuesday, 9th November 2021

Good morning kids of 3ºC!!!

I hope everyone is well at home.

- This is the diagram for pages 14 and 15 that we got to last week. Copy it in your notebooks beautifully and with good handwriting.

- When you finish your diagram, do activities 3, 4 and 5 from page 15 in your notebooks. Here is the answer key to the activities to CHECK your answers.

Happy studying!

 Diagram for Pages 14 and 15DIAGRAM FOR PAGES 14, 15:

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