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Clean up time: Interactive video

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  • Your virtual classroom is easier to clean than throwing away lots of boxes with tests.

  • The principle of data minimisation is your friend: it helps you keep everything in order.

  • Unless otherwise specified by the Education Authority (which may differ depending on the studies), once complaint period is over all student data kept in the virtual classroom courses must be deleted.

  • To reset a course implies to completely delete all student data, including all assignments. Private backups do not include student information.

  • We have a repository of activities and resources for the virtual classroom in

Explained with examples during the 8th of June 2022 session of EM Contigo...


Idioma actual: Inglés - Otros idiomas: Español

In this link there is a two-sides PDF handout for students including all necessary advice to work with opensource tool Twine and create interactive stories with diverted ways.

You may work with Twine directly on their webpage or you may download it to work locally. It is preinstalled in MAX (version 11.5).

Twine: logo

Tools for teachers in Comunidad de Madrid

Idioma actual: Inglés - Otros idiomas: Español

If you are looking for the right teaching tool in EducaMadrid, this assistant will help you.

Guiding map about who to request for technical assitance, depending on the tool (click here to see it in full screen).

Remember: In order to use tools that are in servers out of the EU or that belong to companies with head office out of the EU, European Union citizens will be requested to sign a contract that implies loss of some of their rights about privacy and personal data protection. Thus, we must not include personal data (grades, behaviour, photos...) in any external tool

For any questions regarding personal data in education in Comunidad de Madrid visit or contact