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New model tests for EvAU New model tests for EvAU

The English language The English language

English is Great by British Council

This lesson is about the English language and other languages. It works with speaking skills and the use of idiomatic language. We will be talking about our own experiences and opinions as the basis of all discussions and written work.

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Healthy eating Healthy eating

Eat well guide NHS

Eating a balanced diet is a key factor to keep a healthy lifestyle. The article that you are going to read provides information on the type of food that you should eat in order to have a balanced diet.

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Snacks by 123RF

In this article we are going to find out why snacks are so popular in the UK and which are the most popular.

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Climate change Climate change

This lesson is based on an article published by The Telegraph in 2009 focusing on different countries’ attitudes to climate change. It introduces many facts and figures on the topic to compare and discuss apart from learning vocabulary in contex.

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