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BAKER STREET: a logic puzzle (all levels)



There are 5 houses in Baker Street. For each house, you need to find out:

-         The person’s name

-         If that person is married or not

-         What pet that person has

-         Which book the person likes

-         what drink  the person prefers

Read the clues and complete the information in the diagram. (You can copy and complete the diagram on your English notebook too).



 Nº 12

Nº 14

Nº 16

Nº 18

Nº 20

Owner’s name






Marital status





























-         Miss Dudd owns a dog.

-         The woman at Nº 12 has two pets: a tortoise and a rabbit.

-         The dog’s owner drinks beer.

-         Mrs. Evans is married.

-         Mr. Abraham is a widower and his neighbor is divorced.

-         The married woman reads thrillers.

-         The woman who likes coffee does not have a pet.

-         Nº 18 is the only house without a pet.

-         There are 5 pets in Baker Street: a dog, a cat, a canary, a rabbit and a tortoise.

-         The bachelor likes historical novels.

-         Mr. Abraham can’t read, he watches TV.

-         The widower and the spinster like beer.

-         Mrs. Birt likes reading books by Charles Dickens.

-         The whisky drinker owns a canary.

-         The dog’s owner likes love stories and lives next door to the bachelor.

-         Mr. Charles lives between Miss Dudd and Mrs. Birt.

-         The married woman drinks wine.

-         The pet at Nº 14 is a dog.

-         Mr. Abraham lives at Nº. 20.

-         The dog owner and the cat owner do not live next to each other.



-          To OWN: poseer, tener (owner: dueño/a). Miss Rich is a millionaire and she owns ten big houses in different cities. The red car owner is her mother.

-         a NEIGHBOUR: vecino/a. My teacher of English lives next to me; we are neighbours.

-         a BACHELOR: soltero. He isn’t married; he’s a bachelor.

-         a SPINSTER: soltera (solterona). My old aunt Mary is a spinster; she never married.

-          a WIDOWER: viudo. He’s so sad because his wife died. He’s a lonely widower now.

-          a WIDOW: viuda. Grandfather died and now my grandma is a widow.

Share your answer with other peers or ask your teacher for the answers.