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EOI Jesús Maestro

Learn Spanish in the heart of Madrid. Make new friends. Live the language from within.

EOI Madrid-Jesús Maestro

Located at a modern and luminous six story building in the Argüelles-Moncola area, one of the most bustling and lively in Madrid, and close to the Universidad Complutense, the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Jesús Maestro was founded in 1911. Very close to two new Sports Centers (Centro Polideportivo Municipal Go Fit and Instalaciones Deportivas del Canal de Isabel II), where all kinds of sports can be practiced, including open-air golf, and close to relaxing Canal de Isabel II Park, the EOI is easily reached by subway (Islas Filipinas, line 7) and public bus (lines 12, 2, 202, 44).



Our two hour daily classes provide a total immersion in the language that is enjoyed by adult students of many different nationalities, races and ages. Our classrooms have big windows open to the Madrid skyline and are equipped with electronic blackboards*, video and audio systems, projectors, seats for the left-handed, etc.

*Not in all classrooms

Español en Jesús Maestro

Try food from all around the world in the class-party just before the holidays; make new friends from those countries you always wanted to know; use the computer rooms; read or study enjoying the stillnes of our ample, comfortable library; become teacher-for-one-day of your native tongue; participate in the Charity Flee Market and in the Gastronomical Event; contribute to the Cultural Week; join the Choir of Teachers and Students… and resume talking to your classmates at the cafeteria, where you can ask bar-tender Enrique about the fortunes or misfortunes of Real Madrid and where you can also enjoy free WiFi. The EOI experience can be as full and intense as you wish.

AlumnosClasses for all levels from 8 AM to 8 PM, official qualifications (Certificados de A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and experienced teachers who belong to the higly regarded Public Education System of Spain. A vital style of teaching based on communication that covers all of the student needs, from basic oral skills to academic writing, aimed to provide linguistic tools for all possible situations, both personal and professional.

All that with the very competitive prices you would expect from a public institution.

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