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Departamento de Español

EOI Madrid-Jesús Maestro

C/ Jesús Maestro, 5   28003 Madrid

Despacho 2.13

 91 533 58 02 / 03 / 04 / 05

Extensión: 137

Horario de atención al público: 

Martes de 10 a 11



Our classes

  • The Spanish language courses we offer are held over a four-month period, always starting in September and January. They are intensive and daily. Attending classes every day, together with the immersion in Madrid’s environment, encourages a rapid progress in your learning!

  • Lessons last two hours and a quarter, and take place from Monday to Thursday. There will also be lessons two Fridays per month: your teacher shall inform you of the exact dates. By the way, all our teachers are highly qualified professionals and have overcome a rigorous selection process by the Community of Madrid.

  • Our syllabus is modelled after the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and its action-oriented approach. What does that mean? That we teach Spanish for life, in order to engage in real communication situations, paying particular attention to the social uses of the language and its cultural component. It also means that we are focused on our students and satisfying their communication needs.

  • Lessons are participatory and enjoyable. We use a variety of resources and classroom activities, and practise the four basic skills: speaking, listening comprehension, writing and reading. At the end of the course there is a test that will allow you to pass to the following level and, in some cases, to obtain an official certificate too.

  • In addition, our groups are multi-cultural and really diverse: having classmates from so many different countries and profiles makes learning at our school a unique experience!

* Check out the teaching programme for each level, as well as the evaluation procedures at pages of Nivel A, Nivel B, Nivel C