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Who we are
  • We are an Official Language School (EOI) and this means that we are a public institution Profesores y alumnosthat belongs to the Education Council of the Community of Madrid.

  • We are the only institution in Spain that, in addition to offering language classes, allows you to obtain an official certificate (included in the price of the course) conforming to the CEFR standard.

  • Here you can study Spanish, meet people from all over the world, practice conversation with native speakers and, at the end of the course, earn an official certificate.  And all of this is offered at the lowest price in Madrid.

 What we offer
  • A complete course with a minimum of 120 hours 269 €, including exams and certificates.

  • Native speaking educators who are specialists in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and who were selected by the Education Council of the Community of Madrid

  • Morning and evening hours from 8am to 8pm.

  • Official certificates the conform to the Common European Framework of Reference.

  • Multilingual and multicultural groups where you will meet people from all over the world. 

    A lesson

  • Participative and entertaining classes that promote cooperation among students as well as autonomous learning.

  • A stimulating and dynamic environment in which you'll use Spanish from the very first day.

  • The possibility to participate in linguistic exchanges with Spanish students who are studying your native language. 

  • Entertainment and cultural activities that will help you to get to know and enjoy the city of Madrid.

  • A school with a library, computer room, cafeteria and pleasant surroundings.