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Web creada por Emilia Popovici bajo una licencia de Creative Commons

Reconocimiento- NoComercial- Compartir igual 4.0 Internacional.

Teacher Emi saludando

Hi there and Welcome everyone!

My name is Emilia and I am a Primary English teacher in the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

I must admit I feel really excited and optimistic about creating this web.

I want to offer you plenty of resources  related to the bilingual areas, so that you can be motivated, improve your skills and feel more confident when using the English language.

I´m looking forward  to learning, growing and having fun with you all.

Best wishes,



Whenever you upload content or you interact with others:

-Follow the rules/ instructions given.

- Be responsible!

- Communicate carefully and with clear messages! Do not share photos  of you or personal information.

-Use emoticons for a friendly tone/ to avoid misunderstandings. 

- Avoid writing everything in capital letter (it means we are shouting).

- Share your knowledge but check the sources.

- Sign using your  "unreal name"/fake given in class (e.g. 8tomatoss1B )

- Be polite and respectful when you write or reply to messages! Write positive comments.

-Forgive mistakes.

- Respect your privacy and others.




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