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by the Editorial Board.

Global classrooms in times of pandemia seemed impossible last september, but thanks to the effort of organizers and participants together, the event is being held this year once again, proving that everything can be done if we all contribute.

Our 'mock conference' will take place in the playground of the school .

Fresh air, safety distance and half of the participants each day will guarantee that instructions to avoid infections from COVID-19 are followed.

11th and 12th march will see the students of 3º e.s.o. (advanced english) practice accompanied by their english teachers (paloma and marta) their geography and history teacher (Mónica), their great language assistant (Andrea Chandler) and bilingual coordinator (María José).

Global Classrooms emulate a real U.N.O. Conference and students in pairs represent a country and given a certain topic by the organization,  they debate to defend their proposal and find alliances among the other countries.

'Moderate caucus' and 'unmoderated caucus' will be also modified in their procedure as distances are to be kept.

The real conference with the students representing our school will be on 15th march 2021, within the school. 

10 students (5 delegations of two members) will participate in an online conference with the other high schools dated the same day.

we wish all the luck to our students.