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Agregador de Contenidos Agregador de Contenidos



From March 2nd to March 8th a group of students of 2º, 3º ESO and 1º Bachillerato stayed in the  UK to live a really exciting and interestring cultural experience. They went to Bournemouth where they lived with host families and attended classes at Capital School to improve their English language skills. They also visited very important historical places such as London, Christchurch and Poole and also tasted typical British dishes such as Fish and Chips facing the magnificent Bournemouth beach.

The experience was amazing and we hope to continue organizing these type of language trips and encouraging our students to participate in them.

CLICK here to see the Photo Album

Agregador de Contenidos Agregador de Contenidos


As every year, the last 8th and 16th of November our students from 3rd Diversificación, 4th ESO, 1st and 2nd Bachillerato attended the yearly Alcine short film show, which took place in the impressive Salón Cervantes theatre. Looking forward to the next time!


On Tuesday, January 23rd, a group of students of 3ºA Sección were chosen to participate in the Global Classrooms Conference that took place at ISMIE in Madrid. It was an incredible experience for our students who after four months of hard work to get ready, were able to do an excellent performance representing their countries' delegations. 

Global Classrooms is a really interesting project that gives our students the chance to learn how the United Nations works and how to represent and defend social and educational problems to build a better world.

We hope our students pass the next stage in the contest. Good Luck, guys!


Here some terrifying images of our student´s Halloween preparations. Once again our Pumpkin Contest  gives us the chance to enjoy the creativity  of our students. Have a look at these scary Jack- O' lanterns....


School alive is the English corner on our website. We would like to show the Englih language as a communication tool in a bilingual environment where the English language is much more than just a subject.

We want to share our experiences and achievements with the whole school community: teachers,  students and  their families.

We hope you enjoy!