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Our School

About Us: 

Our school, IES (Secondary Education Institute) Tirso de Molina, is nestled in the municipal district of Puente de Vallecas and began operating in 1968. It was the first secondary education institute in the district, and for years the only one. 

 As a bilingual secondary institute, we offer many classes in English for ESO and bachillerato students. ESO refers to mandatory secondary education, and there are four grades of ESO, from around age twelve to age fifteen. At that point, students have the option to continute to bachillerato, which consists of two grades, more intensive English classes, and university preparation.  
Madrid being the second-most populated city in the European Union -- and as world economies and lifestyles become increasingly globalized and interconnected -- it is vital that we integrate our students into the rest of the EU and provide a welcoming and comfortable place for students around the EU to visit or live. As such, IES Tirso de Molina participates in the Erasmus program, sending students to, and receiving students from, other EU nations for the purpose of cultural and language exchange. This exchange program places a strong emphasis on broad social inclusion, on the transition to a greener and more digital society, and on encouraging youth to democratically participate in society.  

Student may also participate in many on- and off-campus activities such as field trips (historical sites, science and art museums, astronomy observatories, etc.), community safety discussions, bilingual spelling bees, theater plays hosted by other students, cultural events such as celebrations of global holidays, and grade-vs-grade football matches. 

Given its location on Avenida de la Albufera, one of the main arteries of the neighborhood, its excellent access to public transportation (Metro Line 1, plus several bus routes, including a stop directly in front of the school), and what its opening meant for the neighborhood, a special bond has formed between IES Tirso de Molina and the residents of Vallecas. Vallecas is a working-class, heavily-immigrant neighborhood, and IES Tirso de Moline represents a cultural touchstone where all may come together regardless of background. 
The faculty, conscientious of how important the school is to the neighborhood, have integrated perfectly into it. In fact, many teachers have stayed at our school for 15+ years, despite there being schools closer to their homes. The commute is worth it to them, because IES Tirso de Molina is a special place. 
Through these years, many Vallecans have received training not only in the arts, sciences, languages, maths, etc – but also in humanity: how to work with others, see our differences as opportunities, share cultures and languages and build community together. As such, even though the district of Puente de Vallecas has experienced a profound transformation to improve its infrastrucures and public services, and even though seven more institutes have been built in this area now, IES Tirso de Molina continues to serve as a touchstone of the neighborhood. 
While, starting in summer of 2002 with the implementation of the first cycle of ESO, the structure of the institute has changed to incorporate a second building, situated not far from the first one, and the nature of the relationships with the students and families has changed a little over time, the warm, welcoming environment of the school has not changed. At IES TIrso de Molina, we treat our teachers, staff, and students with respect and believe this is the key to sustainable and healthy work and education environments.  
You even might say that, even after nearly forty years of history, the orginal hallmarks of our identity within the neighborhood of Vallecas have been maintained to this day.