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Agregador de Contenidos Agregador de Contenidos

About Us

We are a publicly funded Secondary School located in the city of Leganés, southwest of Madrid, with more than 450 students in both Secondary (ESO) and Post-Secondary Education (Bachillerato).

In 2023 we became an Erasmus + member and we now have partnerships and exchanges with schools in Austria, Denmark, France and Germany and are always open to new opportunities and cooperation with international partners.

Our school offers a number of subjects in English and we also take part in the STEM project. As of 2023-2024, we also have two English language assistants that work with our students and teachers.

Students with hearing loss have specially trained interpreters that work alongside school teachers and staff. We also have the technological facilities to adapt our teaching to them, such as FM systems.

To visit our school or for further information, please send us an email to

Agregador de Contenidos Agregador de Contenidos