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I.E.S. Parque Aluche




IES Parque Aluche is a public funded higher education institution where students from over 19 countries study together.

IES Parque Aluche, established 1966, offers a wide variety of studies. Among the Higher Education vocational training we offer studies in the areas of Finance and Company Administration, Electricity and Car Mechanics.

Vocational studies in the Autonomous Community of Madrid include the learning of the English language. An international approach offers our students the opportunity to learn professional abilities abroad and improve their language skills. Our aim is to apply for students placements as we believe the future of jobs is highly related to international mobility capabilities.

Our school has already been sending students abroad. This year we are trying to build up a network of international schools willing to participate on Comenius, Leonardo, as well as Erasmus programs. For this reason we are searching for partners through Etwinning to collaborate.

During year 2010 we applied for the `Bilingual High Schools` program of the Consejería de Educación of Madrid.

Sending our students to work to other countries and receiving students from our future partners is a unique experience where we can all learn how to improve our professional skills. Our school is in contact with more than 150 companies and institutions that can receive international students.

Our priorities are:

  • To offer our students placement and mobility activities in the EU.
  • To offer international students and institutions placements and mobility opportunities in our region.
  • To promote the mobility of teachers and staff within the EU.

We plan the following activities among our future network of international schools:

  • Create student and teacher professionally focused activities
  • Building up a relationship between partners.
  • Sending students on placement activities and receiving students from our partners.

The actual social and economic world situation needs to be overcome using knowledge focused activities. The Economic Union`s strength in the global market is the value added know-how. Our aim is to offer European students the possibility to broaden their professional education and offer them the chance to improve their working skills in an international European environment.

We are strongly committed to an education based on the respect for the differences, integrating this subject as part of our curricula and daily work. For example, every May we program the intercultural "Music Day".

Our centre is the reference point for disabled students in the neighbourhood. We have qualified personnel to attend them as well as specific aids to help them participate in the school activities. The Guidance Department offers individualised study programs.