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English Lovers

English Lovers Club

The English Lovers Club is a group of students that share a passion for learning English. This club invites any student to join who wants to practice the language and learn about other cultures. Throughout the year, members participate and lead various activities to promote the learning of a second language.

Some memorable activities they have planned for the school were the Christmas Bazaar and a Halloween Week. These activities were enjoyable for participants who could come listen to music, play games, enjoy treats, and win small prizes. These activities encouraged students to speak English with each other and the schools auxiliares. The work they do with our native English speaking auxiliares is just another great opportunity for these students to take advantage of. The members are able to converse and practice their speaking skills in a natural and realistic environment.

The members of the club work hard and are passionate about learning English, as well as helping others to learn. They are noticeably hard workers in English classes and are continuously improving their English level. The English Lovers Club is a great club for any student who wants to learn English in a fun, supportive environment. We look forward to seeing the fantastic activities they have planned for the rest of the year and where their language skills will take them in the future!