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Equipo de Debate - English Debate

Carta para interesados en el equipo de debate 2018/2019 [Pdf]
Para alumnos de 1º ESO a 1º BACH

Año 2018

Nos complace comunicaros que el IES La Dehesilla va a seguir con un proyecto de club de debate y oratoria en inglés. Tras nuestro éxito en concursos pasados, estamos aún más convencidos de la necesidad e importancia de fomentar dicha actividad extraescolar.

Año 2017

El equipo de debate en Ingles del IES La Dehesilla ha conseguido hoy un gran éxito: ganar los 4 debates de la ronda previa a la final del Torneo de Debate en Inglés de La Comunidad de Madrid y la Fundación Cánovas, y quedar subcampeones del torneo de debate del a Comunidad de Madrid.

Hemos superado a institutos potentes y mucho más grandes que el nuestro; por todo ello enhorabuena a nuestros chicos de 4º, Álvaro, Ana, Unai, Nataly y Álvaro, y a los profesores y auxiliares coordinadores Rachel, Brian y Bobby.

Año 2016

Los alumnos de 4ºESO de la sección bilingüe participaron por primera vez en el proyecto Madrid Debating Tournament organizado por La Comunidad de Madrid y la Fundación Fundación.

En la primera fase del proyecto dichos alumnos realizaron talleres intensivos e interactivos de debate que les permitieron adquirir una amplia variedad de habilidades comunicativas: competencia, creatividad, espíritu crítico, expresión oral, análisis, síntesis, argumentación y presentación de la información .

El proyecto ha estado coordinado por una profesora y dos auxiliares de conversación, dedicando una hora semanal con los miembros del equipo. Además, dos veces, la clase fue asesorada por un representante del Fundación Cánovas quien ofreció consejos de áreas de mejora. En la segunda fase, tras un proceso de selección cuatro alumnos de 4ºESO fueron elegidos para competir en el torneo los días 19, 20 y 21 de mayo del 2016 junto con 27 institutos bilingües públicos de la Comunidad de Madrid.

El tema a debatir fue: ¿La UE debería pagar a sus ciudadanos para alojar a refugiados? El equipo del IES La Dehesilla logró clasificarse para la fase final siendo el equipo con mayor debates ganados en la fase preliminar. El 21 de mayo se celebró el final del torneo de debate por la mañana con ocho institutos debatiendo el mismo tema de nuevo. Tras un día muy intenso y emocionante el equipo fue galardonado con un muy merecido tercer puesto tras llegar a las semifinales. Estamos orgullosísimos de sus logros.

The unknown school way up in the mountains

"So as time goes by and I continue to reflect, the negative feeling of not winning the last debate is slipping away.
I picture us three days ago in the car, way too early in the morning, on the way to some debate tournament we really know nothing about. Sure, why not, I was thinking, we may as well go and see what this debate thing is all about.

Three debates in and we really don't know what to think. One I was pretty sure we won, but the others were hard to tell. The judges gave us broad feedback discussing format and procedure of debate. Only natural, we we're all learning.
Then day 2 starts. The other team is noticeably better. However, so was ours. From the first to fourth debates the speakers control of their speeches' content, tone, and speed had greatly improved. After saying it was the best he'd seen yet, the very competent judge gave specific and more advanced feedback. The feel of the tournament was changing. We didn't feel like small fish in a big pond anymore. Our confidence was flowing and we started talking about having a shot at the finals. Remember that? We got really excited about just a chance that we'd make the finals, with all of us likely quietly dismissing it in our minds.
I knew when we walked into the fifth and final debate that something was up. Four confident looking young ladies strode into to take their seats across the room. The debate was close. The judge gave more higher-level. He also mentioned it helped clear some things up in the tournament.

Not long after came the moment I'll never forget.
"One team here has won all five debates. The only team to do so, La Dehesilla." My mouth gapes, as do the other students'. A moment of silence filled the room as our brains tried to believe what our eyes were seeing.
Then Rachel shrieks and breaks our trance. Reality sets in and the team bursts into smiles, laughter and hugs. I had goosebumps for half an hour after as we talked about it. We, an unknown school from little Cercedilla way up in the mountains, were seated first.
"What," the others must have been asking, "Cercewho?"
The car ride home was filled with talk of the day. An inspiring sensation was in the air.
The speakers went home to rest and practice. Rachel, Kiara and I stayed at the school for a few hours printing evidence before heading home to bed. I did, anyway, I think Rachel kept going, determined as she is.

The first debate the next morning was phenomenal. A true delight to watch. Felix nailed it. Olvido pushed on and fended hard questions, Javi was his confident self, and Carmen gave her best performance by far.
I was not surprised to hear we won with 9 points to 8.
The last debate was a hard one, the pressure was on and we were OPP. I honestly thought were were the better team. We can talk and complain about the judge all we want, and we should, formally, to the organization, but at the end of the day it doesn't change the outcome. Unfortunately, that's life. I know because I'm old and wise. But it happens, and we look forward. Remember and celebrate the wins, you deserve it!!
Let the loss make you stronger in the face of future adversity. There will be some, I promise.
In the end I'm blown away. Of course, by your intellectual capacity to have in-depth discussions of a complicated issue in your second language, but also by the way you composed yourself in moments of stress and pride and disappointment. I'm honored to be involved in any capacity in moving you along towards your eventual success.
Thank you all for an absolutely unbelievable and unforgettable experience."

Bobby, auxiliar de conversación