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Web Application Development (EQF5)

Multiplatform Application Development (EQF5)


International Trade (EQF5)

Retail  & Commerce management (EQF5)

Marketing & PR (EQF5)


Business and Finances (EQF5)

Management Assistance (EQF5)

Administrative Assistance (EQF4)

Web Application Development
Object Oriented Programming: Python, Java.
Computer Systems: Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Networking.
Design and client web development : JavaScript, Ajax, CSS3, HTML5, multimedia components. Responsive Design. Bootstrap. Phonegap.
Development and integration of server-side software components: PHP, J2EE, JSP, Web Services, XML, JSON.
Application and Web Servers management: Tomcat, Apache, Glassfish.
Web application deployment.
Development of database access components: Oracle, MySQL, XML native databases.
Data Modeling: Entity/Relationship Model, UML.
Android Apps features.
Internet of Things (IoT) features.
Multiplatform Application Development
Object Oriented Programming: Java, Swift, PHP, C#
Computer Systems: Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Networking.
Web development : JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, XML, JSON.
Development of database access components: Oracle, MySQL, XML native databases, APIs Rest
Data Modeling: Entity/Relationship Model, UML.
Android IOs Apps.
Internet of Things (IoT) features.
 International Trade

Carrying out studies and business monitoring
- Permanent market monitoring (desk research)
- Collecting information abroad
- Preparing decision making
Export selling
- Prospecting for elaborating adapted offers (pre-sales activities)
- Selling
- Following up sales
Import buying
- Preparing the import buying activities (supplier database)
- Support the buying negotiations
- Following up the import buying activities
Coordinating services for successful import buying and export selling
- Choosing service providers (insurance, logistics, financing etc)
- Insuring administration of operations
- Coordinating quality control / good business activities
Managing relations and contacts in different contexts and cultures
- Producing messages integrating socio-cultural elements
- Constituting and maintaining a pluricultural network of contacts

 Retail & Commerce management

Tasks related to Marketing at point of sale (Merchandising)
- Customer service at point of sale.
- Using appropriate communication skills when dealing with the customer.
- Exhibition and presentation of ítems at display (display units, shelves structure and distribution, colour, harmony, correct location, eye-catching products….).
- Identifying elements which attract customers to point of sale and make them come back.
- Point of sale features which can be improved and monitored.
- Organising and defining promotional activities (Sale season and others)
- Identifying and managing cold and hot spots at point of sale.

Administrative tasks related to Sales and Purchase Management
- Taking part in stock management.
- Invoicing.
- In-store logistics.

 Marketing & PR
Product Manager Assistant
Techniques in Marketing
Techniques in Advertising
Techniques in PR
Organization of marketing and communication events
Media advertising companies assistance
Broadcast in media
Techniques in market research and public opinion
Agent of Surveys and Censuses
Data Coder for Market Research
 Business and Finances
Office administrative.
Commercial administrative.
Financial administrative.
Accounting clerk.
Logistics administrative.
Banking and insurance administrative.
HR administrative.
Administrative in Public Administration.
Administrative in legal, accounting, labor, fiscal consultancies and administrative agencies.
Techniques in management of collections.
Customer service.
 Manager Assistant

Personal Assistant.
Legal Assistant.
Assistant to Human Resources departments.
Administrative in Public Administrations and Organisms.
Organization of Corporate Events
Business Protocol
Communication and Customer Service
Office Automation and Information Processing

 Administrative Assistant
 Administrative assistant
Office assistant
Payment and collections manager
Sales clerk
Personnel assistant
Administrative assistant in the Public Administration
Customer service clerk
Cash clerk
Means of payment clerk

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IES El Lago is a Vocational Training School in the fields of Information Technology, Commerce and Administration.

IES El Lago VET School offers students quality theoretical and practical training and contact with an economic sector that values entrepreneurial spirit and creativity as well as the capacity to relate to people internationally and a desire to see the world.
The teaching program puts special emphasis on foreign languages: learning English, (other languages are valued) is an essential part of the studies, and offers a comprehensive training developed in collaboration with and endorsed by the sector, with professional practice in companies and options for exchange and continuing studies on an international level. This helps students to acquire the skills and competencies they need in their future professional activity.
Transnational mobility is an integrating part of our school so that European mobility has always been part of the aim of the college, taking part since 2010. 
We are constantly looking for new partners either in other Higher Education Institutions, Networks VET, Consortiums or in companies within the field of Web Development, International Trade, Marketing & Advertising and Administration Assistant.

IES El Lago VET School is in the center of the city. Madrid offers everything you could want as a student and more. Madrid is a bustling and stunning cosmopolitan city full of history and beautiful buildings. Located just over five minutes from the city center, hub of commercial life, in with easy access by underground station to Madrid airport & main train stations.
Be at the heart of Spain's most successful economic region and next to lots of UNESCO heritage sites for the weekends, Madrid will provide visitors with a host of learning and employment opportunities with a range of internships and graduate jobs available.

Where are we?

In Google Maps.

IES El Lago
Paseo de la Puerta del Ángel, s/n
28011 Madrid
Tlf.: 914 796 851 / 914 796 752
Fax: 915263402 [@]
  •  Públic Transport:

    • Metro Lago - Lí­nea 10
    • Metro Puerta del Ángel - Lí­nea 6
    • Líneas de Autobús 31, 33, 36, 39, 65
  • By car:

    • Acceso desde la Avenida de Portugal

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Agregador de Contenidos Agregador de Contenidos

Erasmus+ and Partnerships

Oportunidades de formación y empleo para jóvenes en la Unión Europea   

The aims of El Lago VET School are:
• To promote high qualification in vocational training and in apprenticeships.
• To promote the cooperation with the companies facilitating the development of innovative and international training.
• To promote the transparency between High Degree Vocational Studies (level EQF5) and the rest of Higher Education qualifications among the European countries.
• To comply with non-discrimination objectives, being in favour of social cohesion, intercultural dialogue and equality between women and men, based on respect and tolerance.
• To contribute to make Vocational Studies more visible and appealing within our society.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020 click here (pdf - 20 B)

Erasmus Policy Statement click here (pdf - 20 B)

El Lago VET School participes in several K013, K102, and K202 Erasmus+ projects.

Our current projects in collaboration with other partners:

K202 PACMAN 2018-2020 El Lago VET School is the coordinator partner in this project. (Conctact us by

- Intercom 2018-1-ES01-KA107-049839.

- Internacionalización de la Formación Profesional en Madrid 2018-1-ES01-KA102-048066

Our partners:

• Lycée La Martinière-Duchère (LYON- FRANCE)
• Lycée Louise Michel (NARBONNE -FRANCE)
• ENC Bessières (PARIS – FRANCE)
• Stredni prumyslova skola na Proseku (PRAHA - CZECH REPUBLIC)
• Teachers' Union of Ireland (DUBLIN – IRELAND)
• City of Glasgow College (GLASGOW – UNITED KINGDOM)
• Carlow Institute of Further Education and Tranining (CARLOW – IRELAND)
• Berufsbildende Schulen des Landkreises (NIENBURG/WESER- DEUTSCHLAND -GERMANY)
• Aventus MBO De school waar jij 't maakt‎ (APELDOORN - THE NETHERLANDS)
• Universiteti Gjirokastra (Tirana – Albania)
• Visoka Skola "Ceps - Centar Za Poslovne Studije" Kiseljak (Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina)
• University Of Sousse (Tunisia)
Logos centar College (Mostar Bosnia-Herzegovina)
• Sanmenxia 三门峡 (China)

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Agregador de Contenidos Agregador de Contenidos

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Fondo Social Europeo

logo fse

En el curso 2021/2022 las siguientes enseñanzas que se imparten en este centro están cofinanciadas por el Fondo Social Europeo:

  • Gestión administrativa.
  • Administración y finanzas.
  • Gestión de ventas y espacios comerciales.
  • Marketing y publicidad.
  • Desarrollo de aplicaciones multiplataforma.

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