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I.E.S.B Ciudad de los Poetas is a public Bilingual Institute for Secondary Education, administrated by the Education Council of the Comunidad de Madrid. It is located in the city of Madrid, in the Saconia neighborhood, near the Dehesa de la Villa park.

Our school encourages the following objectives and values:

  • Cultivation of students' skills for the pursuit of knowledge by means of a command of English in addition to a second language, as well as through acces to the newest technologies and a conscious respect for the academic environment.
  • Promote scientific and technical studies, while also pursuing an appreciation for artistic creation and cultural values.
  • Realization of an open and attractive learning process, using a combination of time spent in the classroom with complementary activities and extracurriculars.
  • Encourage the importance of developing students' values with an academic environment of equality, participation, cooperation and social cohesion.
  • Upholding strong bonds with the community through the means of collaboration and communication with both the families of the students and the local institutions.