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CLUEDO Melanie and David were murdered

Melanie and David were murdered.

Can you guess where it happened?


who did it?

Three hours ago... 

Monica (the bounty hunter) and Jason (the business man) were doing business in the billiard room while Melanie (the singer) and Shara (the actress) were acting in the conservatory. 

Nelson (the chef) was preparing dinner while Rebeca (the maid) was in the ballroom cleaning.

David (the architect)  was in the dining room waiting for dinner when Josh (the detective) entered the room. Five minutes later, Monica (the bounty hunter) and Jason (the business man) entered the dining room and took Josh (the detective) to another place to do business. Then Rebeca (the maid) was in a room setting the table for dinner. When she left, Melanie (the singer) and Sarah (the actress) came with David (the architect). They were waiting for dinner. But Sarah (the actress) went into the bathroom and saw Rebeca (the maid) running away from the dining room. Some minutes later, when she came back, she saw Melanie (the singer) and David (the architect) murdered, with the food on the table. They were murdered with a knife. 


Aimara & Nerea (2º ESO B)

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The secret of the mansion

            The secret of the mansion
At 8 o'clock, bill gates went to the kitchen to have breakfast when he saw the dead body of Karlos Arguiñano.
Stephen king was in the library. He was writing his new book.
John lennon was in the conservatory.
Tristan harris was in the dining room creating a new app when bill gates entered the dining room shouting "karlos was murdered".
John lennon and john travolta entered the dining room.
The butler was in the hall. He was welcoming the police officer.
The police officer was investigating the crime. He said "this is a serious offences".
When he finished the investigation, he arrested the butler because the police officer had clues that led him to the murderer.
He was going to the court when bill gates entered the court shouting "a thief stole my money". T
The police officer said "the butler is innocent". The person who stole the money is the same person who murdered Karlos Arguiñano.
Can you guess who did it?
Adrián & Iván (2º ESO B)