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LIVING THINGS. PLANTS                                                                                            

We want

To know living things, their common characteristics and their classification.



We want

To identify animals, their characteristics and classification and the way they carry out their vital functions.

To acquire techniques and strategies for studying animals in different environments.


FEEDING AND DIGESTION                                                                                         

We want

To identify the anatomy and physiology of human beings.

To understand the importance of a healthy diet.


BREATHING, CIRCULATION, EXCRETION                                                           

We want

To understand better the anatomy and physiology of human beings.

To acquire healthy habits to conserve the health of the systems implicated in the nutrition function in humans.


HUMAN BEINGS: INTERACTION                                                                              

We want

To learn about the anatomy and physiology of the organs involved in the interaction function in humans.

To understand the difficulties encountered by people who have disabilities.



We want

To know the celestial bodies of the solar system and the position of the Earth and Moon in the solar system.

To recognise the scientific advances in the understanding of the universe and the Earth.


THE PROPERTIES OF MATTER                                                                          

We want

To understand the general properties of matter.

To apply different methods of measuring.

To know the properties of materials and their use.



We want

To understand the different forms and transformations of energy in nature.

To learn about  the use of energy and its environmental effects.


THE EARTH’S SURFACE                                                                                            

We want

To understand what a map is and the different types of maps.

To identify the different forms of relief of Spain.


THE WATERS OF THE PLANET                                                                               

We want

To understand how the Earth’s water is distributed and how it is continuous movement in the water cycle.

To identify  the hydrography of Spain.


WEATHER AND CLIMATE                                                                                           

We want

To establish the factors which influence climate and explain why it happens.

To list all the different climates found in Spain.



We want

To understand how the population of a place changes and how the population of Spain has changed.

To understand that Spain is a country with great cultural diversity.


THE ORGANISATION OF SPAIN                                                                                

We want

To identify the political organisation of municipalities, autonomous communities and Spain.

To know and value that citizens have rights and obligations.


HISTORY. PREHISTORY                                                                                             

We want

To understand how history is studied, what its sources are and the different ages.

To learn about the lives of the first human beings in the world. 


THE ANCIENT WORLD AND THE MIDDLE AGES                                               

We want

To know the civilizations that arose in the world and in Spain during the Ancient World and the Middle Ages.



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