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WEATHER AND CLIMATE                                                                                           

We want:

To identify the characteristics of the the weather and the climate.

To identify the different climates in Spain and in his/her own region.


LANDSCAPES AND WATER ON EARTH                                                                

We want:

To identify the location of landscapes,relief,the oceans and continental water.

To apply techniques for orientating oneself.


ROCKS IN THE LANDSCAPE                                                                                     

We want:

To identify the different rocks in one’s own environment and in the materials used for building.


ANIMALS AND PLANTS                                                                                               

We want:

To identify the structure and vital functions of living things and how they carry them out.



We want:

To define the concept of ecosystem, its elements, extensions and limits.


LIVING THINGS AND HOW WE USE THEM                                                            

We want:

To identify and define the importance of agriculture, stock farming, fishing and mining.



WE INTERACT WITH THE WORLD                                                                          

We want:

To identify the way we perceive the world and how we react in turn.



WE LIVE, WE WORK, WE HAVE FUN                                                                       

We want:

To identify the aspects that affect the growth and evolution of a population.

To define the different economic sectors and how work is organized.



We want:

To acquire a basic idea of the population of the European Union, of Spain and one’s own region.

To identify all citizen’s rights and obligations.


SOCIETIES CHANGE (I)                                                                                               

We want:

To identify and name the different periods in history.

To identify the characteristics of Prehistory and Ancient World.


SOCIETIES CHANGE (II)                                                                                              

We want:

To identify and name the different periods in history.

To define the general characteristics and social organization in the Middle Ages and the Modern Age.



We want:

To identify force and the effects it produces in natural phenomena.

To build on the knowledge of matter, elements, mixtures and how to separate them.



We want:

To identify different forms of energy in nature.

To define energy, its different forms and transformations and how we use them.


MACHINES AND TECHNOLOGY                                                                               

We want:

To describe the machinery we normally use, their applications and repercussions in daily life.

A PLANET FOR EVERYONE                                                                                       

We want:

To identify the planet’s natural resources and how we are damaging them.

To identify the causes of the destruction of natural resources.


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