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Herbert Spencer

Frase de Herbert Spencer

Enlace a Herbert Spencer


LIVING THINGS                                                                                                              

We want:

To learn about the life processes of animals, plants and humans. To learn about different families and their interaction.


THE SENSES                                                                                                                  

We want:

To identify the 5 senses and learn about the parts of the eye, ear, nose, mouth and the nervous system. To identify likes and dislikes in taste.


WE CAN MOVE                                                                                                               

We want:

To learn and identify parts of the locomotor system, the skeleton, muscles and joints and how some of these work.



We want:

To identify vertebrates and invertebrates. To classify animals according to how they reproduce, their diet and covering and to investigate insects. 


We want:

To identify the different parts of plants and flowers and to know their functions. To classify trees as being deciduous or evergreen. To know and understand the life cycle of a plant including the different ways in which seeds disperse and later germinate. To identify everyday objects made from trees.



We want:

To identify, describe and characterise different habitats and the animals that live in them.  To learn about ecosystems and interaction within them. To identify the components that make up the food chain and investigate further.


WATER AND AIR EARTH                                                                                            

We want:

To learn about the different states of water, where they can be found and the processes needed to change them. To learn about the characteristics of air and wind. To investigate how to measure different types of weather. To learn about the water cycle.



We want:

To learn about different landscapes, how they change and identify the natural and man made features they have. To investigate and realize relief maps. To learn about rivers and coastal landscapes.


THE TOP LAYER OF THE EARTH                                                                            

We want:

To learn about the soil, its components and the importance of animals, followed by investigation of different types. To learn about the ecosystem of soil. Identifying and investigating different rocks and minerals.


TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION                                                                     

We want:

To learn about sea, land and air transport as well as the pollution that they create. To differentiate and evaluate public and private transport. To carry out a survey regarding travel. To learn about simple and complex machines.



We want:

To learn about the three different work sectors and which ones we have in Spain. To learn about different types of industry and farming.


WHERE WE LIVE                                                                                                           

We want:

To learn about the characteristics and differentiate villages, towns and cities.  To look at and investigate maps, grid references and compass points. 


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