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 THE HUMAN BODY                                                                                                       

 We want:

To identify some internal organs, their location and main functions and to recognise and name the main joints and how they help us move

To classify known body parts into the three main sections of the body

To recognise that we have bones and learn how they support our bodies and help us move

To investigate a bone and learn about some of the properties of bone



 We want:

To learn and name the main foods that make up our diet

To identify different food groups and classify common foods accordingly

To understand that humans need food and water to stay alive

To understand that some foods help us grow, others give us energy and others keep us healthy



 We want:

To establish links between wild animals and their environment

To classify animals by their diet (carnivore, herbivore or omnivore)

To identify some mammals and birds  and recognise their characteristics


 MORE ANIMALS                                                                                                             

 We want:

To name the most significant characteristics of amphibians , fish, reptiles and insects.

To learn that some animals are vertebrates and some are invertebrates


 PLANT LIFE                                                                                                                     

 We want:

To observe the parts of a tree and learn that trees can be classified as evergreen          and deciduous

To identify differences between plants and animals

To know that flowering plants have roots, leaves, stems and flowers and to describe in simple terms the function of each part


WATER , LAND, AIR                                                                                                      

 We want:

To identify the different forms of water

To describe in simple terms the water cycle in nature


 THE SUN                                                                                                                          

 We want:

To recognise the Sun as a star and the Earth as a planet that orbits the Sun

To learn some of the moon’s characteristics

To consolidate reasons for day and night by establishing the concept of the Earth       spinning on its axis


THE CITY                                                                                                                         

 We want:

To identify the main features of a city

To recognise the difference between public and private buildings

To learn about different forms of transport and understand if they are used to carry people or goods



 We want:

To identify some common materials and their uses

To describe the ways in which the shape of some objects can be changed

To understand that different materials are used for different purposes according  to their properties



 We want:

To know that shadows occur when an object blocks light from a light source

To identify different sources of sound

To understand that pushing and pulling things can make objects start or stop moving



 We want:

To learn that a range of everyday machines and appliances use electricity

To know that electrical items can give out heat, light, sound and motion

To be aware of the dangers of electricity



 We want:

To understand and use different expressions for measuring time

To recognise the differences between cities past and in the present

To learn about different types of communication and the way these have changed  over time


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