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If I were a fly...

Have you ever imagined if flies could understand us? If they could, they would know a lot about our conversations because they are always on the wall of your house!!!

what would happen if I was a fly? I would listen in on what people are saying. I would go to my parents for example, and listen to what they are saying. I would spy on what my parents are watching on the tv. Whenever my parents watch a scary movie, I would go to the living room wall and watch it.

I would also be very careful of the wall that I stay on. I would be very careful because if I stay on a wall where everybody could see me then they would probably kill me and I do not want to die.

To sum up, being a fly is a little bit dangerous buy also a lot of fun.

By Iria Hecht 6º de Primaria.

Interesting Questions

Phones are to be banned in public Places?

Having cell phones in public places such as movie theaters and restaurants has its advantages and disadvantages.

An advantage would be that people would not get distracted on their phones and they would enjoy the moment.

However, phones should not be banned because they are useful in case of an emergency and for comunicating.

To begin, phones are useful for when there is an emergency because someone can quickly call for help.

Secondly, phones are useful for comunicating with other people. For example, if someone is late for a dinner, the grownups can use their phones to call the person who is late.

Lastly, a cell phone could also be used for taking pictures and remembering the moment.

In conclusion, phones should not be banned in public places because they are helpful in case of an emergency, for comunicating and for personal use.

By Diego Cobo 6º Educación Primaria



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