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Concurso Cortometrajes en Inglés

Bases del concurso

DAY 0 Brainstorming

Hecho con Padlet

DAY 1 Camera Angles with Zach King

1. We study the different camera angles

DAY 2    Pipas 

1. We watch Pipas with English subtitles

Corto PIPAS from Manuela Burló Moreno on Vimeo.

2. We study the different angles 

3. In pairs we play it in English 

DAY 3 The Oscars

1. Trailers: What is the movie about? Watch the different accents!

Hidden Figures

La la land

2. 2017 Oscar ceremony 

It was Moonlight not La la land

Film vocabulary: And the Oscar goes to .... 

3. 2016 Leonardo di Caprio speech 

Exercise: listen and fill in the gaps

DAY 4 Story and script

1. In groups we make up a story, we write it in English and we change it into a script

2. We watch three short films in English with subtitles to find different ideas to tell a story

Tale a walk around the world 

Take A Walk (Around the World) from Humanity on Vimeo.


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