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Performance values: why they matter and what schools can do to foster their development

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This position paper sets forth an expanded view of character and character education that recognizes the importance of performance character (needed for best work) as well as moral character (needed for ethical behavior). While core ethical values remain foundational in a life of character, character education must also develop students’ performance values such as effort, diligence, and perseverance in order to promote academic learning, foster an ethic of excellence, and develop the skills needed to act upon ethical values. The paper reviews research on the complementary contributions of performance character and moral character to human development and achievement and describes ten practices that teachers and schools have used to develop performance character. In this expanded vision of character education, a school or community of character is one that helps us “be our best” and “do our best” in all areas of our lives.

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Información de la publicación

Información de la publicación
Resto título A Position Paper of the Character Education Partnership (CEP)
Año 2008
Edición 1
Lugar Washington, D.C.
Editorial Character Education Partnership
Páginas 8
Lengua English