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Welcome assistants

Schoolyear 2016 - 2017

Hi! My name´s Eyder. I´m 59. I was born in Cuba but I lived in Seattle for a long time. I have a sister who lives in Miami. I have a dog. I love Madrid; it´s a lively city and full of art and culture. I think that living in Spain is relaxing.

I have visited a few other countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Caribean Islands, Canada, Germany, France or Italy, but my favourite is Spain. I love spanish food, especially fish and seafood; I also love paella.

My favourite colour is blue. I love drama and historic movies. My favourite writers are the french classic ones like Victor Hugo. My hobby is going hiking to the mountains and in general outdoor activities. I like pop music and I don´t like watching TV.

I'm Nathan and I'm one of the new English Language Assistants that will be working at your school this year. I'm from a small town in Northamptonshire, England. The nearest city is Cambridge and my town is one hour from London by car. I love the town that I live in but it is quite small so there isn't much to do! In my free-&me I love playing the piano and hiking in the mountains. Also, I really enjoy travelling so I hope to explore lots of di)erent parts of Spain during this year. I am looking forward to mee&ng you all,


Hi there, my name is Nick Domenichini and I am going to be one of your English Teaching Assistants for this next school year. I am from the United States of America, specifically from the state of Oregon. I am from a place in Oregon called McMinnville which is a very small town. Oregon is in the northwestern part of the country, and it is very rainy. I am 21 years old and I just graduated from university with a degree in Hispanic Studies. Some of my hobbies include hiking, playing Ultimate Frisbee, playing board games, and watching television/movies. I have two dogs and a cat, unfortunately they live back in the United States. I am also very excited to be here at this school for the whole next school year!