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There was a long conflict between Moorish and Christian kingdoms known as RECONQUEST 

 The Iberian Peninsula was divided in four Christian Kingdoms:

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In the Middle Ages noblemen lived in castles. Peasants lived in villages near the castle. Click on the image and you will learn many things about how life in a castle was, the lord, the food...


Monks, from the clergy class, copied books. More information here.


Early medieval churches were built in Romanesque style and later in Gothic style.

Gothic churches were taller and more light entered than in Romanesque churches.

Moorish arquitects also contributed with magnificent buildings.



Medieval cities became important in the 12th century.

The main inhabitants of the city were merchants and craftsmen, such as bakers, carpenters, dyers and weavers. Craftsmen from the same trade formed associations called guilds.

Guild of shoe makers Wine merchants Guild of hatters Guild of carpenters Guild of dyers

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