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AICOLE is a virtual community run by the Consejería de Educación which provides on-line teaching resources to educators who teach their subject in English. This resource was created so as to provide all teachers working in the Bilingual School Programme of the Region of Madrid with the possibility of accessing teaching material to be used in their own lesson plans. Through AICOLE, they will become familiar with what their colleagues have posted  and shared, and make their own material available to others, thus improving their teaching methods both in content and linguistically.

The material posted in the AICOLE virtual community is suitable for Primary and Secondary Education and corresponds to the subject areas taught in English within the schools and institutes which are implementing the Bilingual Programme of the Region of Madrid.

With respect to other similar virtual communities, the AICOLE community is unique due to the nature of its contents and the way they are organized within the portal.

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What is AICOLE

The acronym in Spanish, AICOLE, comes from the English CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning, and is used to refer to different teaching and learning contexts in which content and language are integrated so as to fulfill a dual aim: to gain knowledge of specific contents outlined in the syllabus, and, in the case of bilingual schools in the Region of Madrid, to develop one’s linguistic competence in English.

The purpose of AICOLE is, on one hand, to aid teachers who teach their subjects in another language by providing them with material and resources adapted to their needs, and, on the other hand, to foster collaboration amongst these teachers by encouraging them to share their own material with their colleagues, therefore improving both the teaching experience and communication in general.

The AICOLE platform can be accessed by all teachers, and its content and resources can be used freely.

We encourage you to share your teaching material and resources through this platform, by sending them to:

For more information, consult the section, “COLABORA, COMPARTE”